The Mother Pecan Tree

For those of you who are not aware, there is a famous pecan tree called the “Mother Pecan Tree” and she actually resides in our

family orchard that was planted by our great-great grandfather, E.E. Risien. In fact, her name, or title, was given to her because of the many “children”, better known as varieties, that she produced. Over 1,000 mind you! Having given birth to two children myself I feel she has definitely earned this title :)

In our family the “Mother Pecan Tree” is talked about as if she is an actual person. An extension of the family so to speak. It is hilarious to hear our 5-year-old, Anna, talk about her. In fact, last week we had some severe storms and the wind blew the top half of this special tree off. Anna was so upset. She said the storm must not like the “Mudder” tree since it attacked her. After thinking about her statement I came to the conclusion that she was right…the storms must not like her because in the last 16 years she has been struck by lightning twice and now struck by severe wind. She is fortunate, though, to have people who care about her well-being. My husband, Winston, contacted Dr. Tommy Thompson to see if he could come out and look at the Mother Pecan Tree to see what could be done to save her. Dr. Thompson is the Research Geneticist for the USDA at College Station and has a special place in his heart for this tree. He was so helpful and gave us several suggestions, so we have a plan in motion now. We are hoping that with a lot of TLC she will gain strength and grow back what has been lost, so that she can enjoy life for many years to come!

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About millicanpecancompany

Winston Millican grew up on his family's farm in San Saba, Texas. He has experience in all aspects of pecan production. His educational background is in Agricultural Economics with an emphasis on Food and Fiber Marketing at Texas A&M University.

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